The History Of Upvc Windows Bow In 10 Milestones

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uPVC Windows Bow and Bay Designs

A bow window is a stylish curved window that extends out from the home to provide more space. These windows are similar to bays and have five, four or even six windows.

uPVC windows with bows bring a variety of benefits to your home, such as an increase in natural light and a greater feeling of space. It is essential to obtain quotes from window repair bow fitters who offer warranties and assurances. This will help you make the right decision for your home.

Aesthetically pleasing

Bow windows are a beautiful feature to any home. They give a feeling of grandeur and amplitude as well as bringing more light into the space. You can choose from a variety of design options to make the perfect design for your home. They are available with the most popular designs like stained glass, leaded or patterned. You can choose tinted glass that reduces the intensity of UV (ultraviolet) rays while offering greater privacy.

uPVC bow windows can also be designed with dual colour, which means you can have white on the inside and a different colour on the outside. This is perfect for homeowners who wish to add a little character to their double glazed window doctor bow without compromising on energy efficiency.

The multi-chambered, innovative profile we use in our uPVC bay and bow windows is designed to trap pockets of warm air and combine with revolutionary centre seals to provide the highest standards of thermal efficiency. This will help keep your Southend home warmer throughout the colder months and, this, in turn, will result in lower heating bills.

Upvc bow and bay windows And doors bow ( are made using high-grade modern materials. They are therefore a sturdy option, since they won’t rust over time. They also require little maintenance and require only a quick wipe-down required to keep their beautiful appearance.

Our uPVC bow and bay windows are available in various finishes to complement any home style. They can be constructed with an aluminum frame for an elegant look or a composite frame to give them a traditional feel. They can also be coloured by using woodgrain foils, such as oak and rosewood to add that authentic touch.

A sense of space

Making space, light and the look of your home has never been easier with a uPVC bay or bow window. If you live in a rural setting with breathtaking views or live in a city centre apartment, these windows can improve the interior design of your home and offer more living space to relax or entertain.

A bow or bay window repair bow to your home will instantly increase the amount of sunlight that floods into your room, giving it a brighter and more spacious look. They also provide a striking exterior design feature to your home and are ideal for displaying decorative items like photographs or ornaments.

Our uPVC bow and bay windows are available in a range of styles and colors to complement your style. They can be constructed from either uPVC or timber and allow you to pick the style that is most appropriate to your home. Our uPVC bay and bow windows are available with the option of styling features including clip-on Georgian bars, run-through sash window repair bow arched head inserts and horns.

We can also incorporate low-E glass in your uPVC bay or bow windows to help save energy and reduce your heating bills. The glass is specially designed to reflect the sun’s warmth during summer, and then traps it inside your home during the winter, resulting in a decrease in use of your heating system.

Selecting the best frame material is important for your uPVC bay or bow window, as it will determine how durable, long-lasting and maintenance-free it is. Our uPVC bow and bay windows are manufactured using the most modern materials that offer superior durability and endurance. They are easy to clean and require only the use of an abrasive cloth to keep them looking immaculate.


uPVC bay and bow windows are excellent for enhancing the amount of natural light that can be absorbed by a space. They also give a unique look to the house and improve its curb appeal. In contrast to other window designs like flush casement windows and sash windows, which could hinder sunlight entry the bay and bow windows have an extensive glazed area which allows sunlight to flood in.

When selecting new windows for your home energy efficiency is a key consideration. This is particularly true for those with multiple panes. Fortunately, uPVC bow and bay windows provide excellent thermal insulation. This is due to the multi-chambered profile which traps air between the window panel. This will help keep your home warmer during winter months and help you save money on heating costs.

Moreover, the uPVC bay and bow windows made by Rehau are engineered to help reduce the transmission of noise. This makes them an excellent choice for homes located in noisy or busy areas. This uPVC window style is available with triple glazing to provide even better insulation and energy-efficiency.

The uPVC windows bow and bay windows by Rehau meet the highest standards of performance, attaining Window Energy Ratings of A-C. They’ve been designed to limit heat loss during the winter and limit the gain of heat in summer, which will save you money on heating costs throughout the year. The uPVC windows come with a Yale shootbolt locking mechanism that provides the best security for your Kent home. This is especially crucial if you reside in an area known for crime, or if your house is located near an educational institution or business.

Natural light

Upvc bow and bay windows extend outwards from your property and offer a large glass portion that allows for natural light to enter your Wimborne home. This will not only enhance the aesthetics of your home in Wimborne but also cut down on energy costs as you won’t have to use artificial lighting as much.

This will make your home feel more spacious and brighter. It can also make any room appear larger. This is an excellent feature to increase the appearance of traditional houses and create a feeling of spaciousness for modern homeowners with minimalist designs.

Our windows made of uPVC bows and bays are available in a wide variety of colours which allows you to customize the appearance to suit your individual preferences. These include woodgrain foils that provide a chic finish, and these are a great choice for homeowners who wish to achieve a timeless look.

These colors are resistant to fading and can be easily cleaned, which means you don’t have to worry about them discoloring or fading over time. uPVC bay and bow windows and doors windows are also designed to withstand weather conditions, so they are able to endure the elements.

For a unique finishing look, you could choose additional features, such as tilt and turn windows or windows with seats. This lets you utilise the space beneath your uPVC bay or bow windows, whether it’s to store items, seating or even a display to display family photos. This is a great way to maximize the space in your house and add a little character.


Bow windows differ from bay windows in that they feature more openings, and an extra space inside the window which can be used to display family photos or ornaments. They also give the illusion of a deeper room, adding to your home’s curb appeal and giving a touch of class to any living space.

You can choose from a variety of styles, finishes and colours for upvc bow and bay windows. This allows you to find the perfect design and color for your home. They can be finished with a genuine woodgrain colour like rosewood or oak, or in a contemporary colour such as Anthracite gray or black.

Both uPVC bow and uPVC bay windows are designed to enhance your living spaces by generating additional floor space and flooding your home with natural light. This makes your home appear more bright and larger, which could lower your energy bills as you won’t need as much artificial lighting.

Their multifaceted design allows for more natural light to enter your home from different angles. This instantly creates an airy feel inside any home. This is especially beneficial for formal living areas such as kitchen dining rooms, and morning breakfast nooks.

Unlike older single-glazed Windows, uPVC Bow and uPVC bay windows feature modern profiles that are able to meet the highest standards of thermal efficiency. This means they’ll aid in keeping the warmth inside your home for longer and windows And doors bow have the effect of reducing your heating bills throughout the year. This is especially beneficial in winter, when you will be using your heating more often than normal.