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Syeda sauda asked 5 years ago

Iam 34th week of pregnant my baby has loose loop cord around the neck and iam a high bp patient, is cord safe to my baby and when I have to go for cesarean?

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Caring Momster Staff answered 5 years ago

Hi Syeda, first of all congratulations 😊 you are going to enter a world of motherhood.. 🤱

As you shared your doubt, we asked other moms if someone had same problem.

So, good news is there is nothing to worry.. With this situation you can even have normal delivery. Cesarean will not have any problem..

If you would have made your post public, the other moms could reply to you directly..!! 👍

We will add few more points if needed.

Take care Momster
Team Caring Momster.

Caring Momster Staff answered 5 years ago

Hi Sayeda,

One more Momster has sent you this note… Please go through it..
Hi Syeda first of all relax… The more you are cool and relax your BP will come to normal….

Don’t worry it is very common, and loose cord does not usually cause problems.
Babies sometimes plays with the cord that makes to surround their neck.
People generally thinks, if cord is around neck, baby could strangle.
But No…..
Generally inside womb baby’s doesn’t breathe, all the necessary nutrients and oxygen they get through the cord..
And your baby is safe floating in the bag of water, hence cord will also float and loose cord is safe.

Many mom experienced normal delivery even after cord around neck and they are fine..

When doctors decide for C section?

👉🏻During labour pain doctors will monitor heart rate of baby, if heart rate is dropping during contractions or baby not able to headdown then doctor go for cesarean section.

👉🏻If your doctor knows about your health history and most of doctor don’t want to take chance because during normal delivery by chance if the cord compresses, then it will cause problem.

Hence your doctor knows more about you, go as per doctor suggestion. Discuss with doctor whether to go for normal or C- section.

If nothing unusual vaginal delivery can be expected.

*Now your duty is to keep a track on baby movements as and if movements not felt go for a check up.*

*Remember pediatrician attendance during delivery is must…*

Take care..
Please share your happiness once baby is delivered..
All the very best, cool and relax….

Team Caring MoMster 🤰🏻

Sneha answered 5 years ago

Hi Syeda,

Donot worry. It is very common. And probability of having normal delivery also good. So dont worry.