neeti-bodugulu -Polycystic ovary Syndrome.

neeti-bodugulu -Polycystic ovary Syndrome.neeti-bodugulu -Polycystic ovary Syndrome.
Preethi asked 5 years ago

When women get pregnant if neeti budagalu appears is any harmful to baby please suggest

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Mahi answered 5 years ago

Hi Preethi,

Congrats first of all.. We all go through some or other complications… And there are risks and no risks, depends on how are we taking care of ourselves during pregnancy..

Please go through some of the outcome of Pcos..

And PLEASE NOTE: these are not going to happen.. But, risks are there if you donot take care of yourself..

Many pregnant wonen with Pcos have delivered a healthy baby… By just following some guide rules…

Here are the complication having PCOD during pregnancy :

Miscarriage ( please donot focus on this word… It is just a case..)
Premature birth

But you can easily avoid all these things if you follow few thing during this period

As you are already in 4th month.. miscarriage chances are low.. but still lil careful .

First, it increases the risk of gestational diabetes, which can cause your little one to have a high birth weight (which makesa difficult delivery).
To avoid all this you have to be follow proper diet, lower your carbs intake,
Do exercises which you can , do walking ..
these will help you to not increase in sugar level.
please try to avoid sugary items even if you have cravings( 1 or 2 are fine ) .

Do meditation to avoid BP from now only( we don’t know when it will attack)

And for the baby : maternal PCOS was linked to giving birth to children who were in poorer health than those born to women who didn’t have PCOS.

Don’t worry.. you are strong enough you will deliver a healthy baby.

These are just cases.. it’s not compulsory it will happen to you ..
So don’t worry about it.. B calm and enjoy the pregnancy 😊❤️

Sahana answered 5 years ago

Firstly a huge congratulation dear,
At first try to relax and be happy.. you are lucky to get pregnant instead you have pcod.
The likelyhood of misscarrage is very tiny because you already reached 4th month.
As far as I believe the highest risk to a pregnant woman with PCOS is diabetis during pregnancy, so if you ensure you eat a healthy diet that will reduce the risk. I hope your doctor will check your blood test and urine test for any signs of diabetes.

Follow few tips during your 5th month pregnancy.

Spending too much time sitting down without being active can be harmful to your health and your baby’s health. It can lead to too much weight gain, loss of fitness, increased risk of getting gestational diabetes or pre-eclampsia and higher likelihood of general pregnancy aches and pains.

1.)Walk instead of taking the vehicle to the near by shop.

2.)Get out and about during your lunch break.

3.) Climb the stairs instead of getting the lift.

4.) Exercise your arms with everyday activities. Prepare your arm muscles for the workout they will get when your baby arrives (but don’t lift anything too heavy).
When picking up things, remember to bend at the knees, keep your tummy muscles held in and your back straight.

5.) If you’re doing the housework, switch on some music and enjoy it.

6.)Wear sensible slippers that offer support.

7.)Try sleeping on your side, not your back, with pillows tucked beneath your belly and between your knees for gentle support.

8.) Drink plenty of water

9.)take calcium and vitamin supplement without fail which doctor prescribed.. calcium supports bone strength.

Out of all be stress free, which is the main support for your baby.

Take care
Team Caring MoMster.

Vidya answered 5 years ago

Hi Preethi,

I got to know PCOS when I was 18 year old.. during that time doctor suggested me to take care of my daily routines -to sleep in time and wake up early ( atleast 7 – 8 hours of sleep is necessary).
Not to take stress.
Avoid junk food.
Take green leafy vegetables.
Be active.
Maintain proper weight.( No overweight)
And maintain regular period.

This was the advice given by doctor before my marriage.

I followed strictly and good news is even I can conceive.

I delivered healthy baby.

During preganacy, first 4 months is very crucial, has mom sahana mentioned do not lift weight, have a regular walk after every meal.
Check you sugar level.

Be happy stay healthy.