Need to know which food i have to take after c section

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Roja asked 4 years ago

Hi..this is roja..i have 12 days baby boy..after c section i am totally confused which foods i have to take and som many people are suggesting so many things dont eat fruits and like this…is there any foods to take and i am breast feeding to my baby..plz help me momsters

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Priyadharshini answered 4 years ago

Hi Roja,

After c section don’t take cold things. It requires some time to heal it from the inner side.

Take enough rest, avoid fatty foods. Avoid lifting any heavy materials and avoid using stairs, Take enough water.

You can have a balanced well cooked ,less spicy foods, low in oil.
take green leafy vegetables, moong dal, dill leaves to increase breastmilk, idli, dosa, rice sambhar, vegetable sabji, milk, pulses, avoid potato as of now. please avoid cold inducing foods..

And mothers should be careful not to eat food items that cause gas and constipation.

Consume only homemade food.

Among fruits and dried fruits you can have – papaya, muskmelon, 5-6 dried apricots, dates, apple.

Take care
Team Caring MoMster