Lactogen Milk powder turned yellow

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Shahnaz asked 4 years ago

Hi momsters….. lactogen milk powder opened…. its been 4 months since i purchased it.. after opening when i mix in a bottle it’s turning yellow. Should i use it or not. Please suggest.

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Caring MoMster answered 4 years ago

Hi dear,

Check for expiry date and also check within how many days it should be used after opening the pack..?? Generally within 3 weeks it should be used after opening.. this rule is because there will be a chances of contamination of milk after the powder exposed to air.

It’s better purchase new, because I guess yours opened for long days, that’s the reason turning yellow colour..
Since its milk product do not take a chance dear.

Take care,
Team Caring MoMster

Ritz answered 4 years ago

Hi Mommy,
Even i had the same doubt.. Doc had said not to use. So avoid using it.

Have a great day.