I am feeling very depressed after child birth

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Sweety Gadia asked 4 years ago

Hi, if anyone is active on this site please let me know if post partum depression is real as I have heard over a from my friends that I am going through it. I don’t really understand if I am really suffering with this. My baby is 3 weeks older.
Please help me if this site really have genuine replies ! Sorry for my words but I need help.

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Caring Momster Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Sweety,

First of all, congratulations for entering into the world of motherhood. We know it is overwhelming and you will be observing few changes in your mood. If you can tell us why do you think you are depressed then we can help you much better than now. Meanwhile please go through our blog post on Post partum depression. You will surely find some replies to your queries. https://caringmomster.in/category/postpartum-after-childbirth-depression/

Coming to our activity and genuinity of our site.
Yes, this site is genuine and the question answer which are also posted are real problems posted by various momsters. We are in touch with over 100 new moms and if they have doubts we keep encouraging them to ask questions here. Yes it is not that active as of now but our blog posts are being liked by many momsters. Please feel free to ask any questions related to your new born, pregnancy and post pregnancy issues.

Team Caring Momster.

Sweety Gadia replied 4 years ago

Thank you caring momster for helping me. I was not getting time to reply, my baby is not sleeping well so that is the reason. I will read the post once I am free. Thank you very much.

Mahathi answered 4 years ago

Hello sweety,postpartum depression(ppd) is real. it’s all because of hormones after the delivery. And Ofcorse all the sudden changes in your routine life. There is medical treatment for ppd.

OR you can treat naturally by yourself .

If you have support at home leave the baby with them and Go out for a pleasant walk. Fresh air gives you lot of relief.
Or else you can use stroller and you can take baby with you.

Do meditation. It’s mainly for your mental relaxation .
Do yoga( you are just three weeks old mom so your body still needs rest. After 4 more weeks start doing yoga.) It gives relaxation to your muscles and body.

Do talk with your close friend . Explain her your situation and talk whatever you want( if you are comfortable ) .sometimes you don’t need suggestions or answers just sharing makes you feel better.

Listen to your favorite songs.. and try to move your body according to beat( you can sit and do it)

Take some time for yourself . The dishes and other household work will wait.

You are important than anything. If you are happy baby will be happy( believe me if you are feeling good.. baby also react the same. )
If you are not feeling good.. baby can feel that..he/she will become cranky and won’t leave you at all. It’s not baby wants to bother you.. It’s becoz how you hold the baby if he/she is not feeling well.. that’s their way of showing love and concern.( We don’t think in this way if we are angry or depressed or if we are sick. It’s quite common )
So try to deal the baby with your sweet smile.

And Iam sharing my exp also here.

I used at yell at my mother and husband and I used to cry for silly things.
One day I’ve cried for one hr.( It’s totally ok if you want cry).
My mother is saying now.. that I used to go and laugh in anther room for your reasons.
So basically my point is if you are expressive.. share it.

Another exp…
I used to talk with daughter if I am angry on anyone.. if I don’t like something.. I used share every feeling of mine .. while sharing the expression which she gave they made me laugh..her expressions are my mood changers.
So hope you got my point.

Mainly explain your husband.. that there will b hormonal changes after the delivery .. that’s y you are behaving differently ..( which saves you from small fights)

Finally Be positive and enjoy these moments.
I’ve shared what I know .. if you are feeling not appropriate plz ignore.

Sweety Gadia replied 4 years ago

I am so depressed and no one is understanding my situation. My friends and my elder sister understands but making my husband or in laws understand is impossible. You are lucky. Thank you so much for replying.

Caring Momster Staff replied 4 years ago

Hi Sweety,

Do not feel bad. In most of the new Mom’s case… It happens. Stay strong
If you want to connect with us. Please contact us through whatsapp (icon is vosible on the left side of the page,below)

Be strong as your baby needs to be happy and hence, you should be happy despite any situation…!

Look for solutions to cope up with it. One solution we have given you.

Stay strong

Team Caring Momster