Gripe water

Gripe waterGripe water
Shajina asked 5 years ago

Hi Momster,

Does anyone give gripe water for stomach.. If yes. then which one is good?

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Yogita answered 5 years ago

If you feed your baby by holding in proper position no need to give gripe water. He will be fine..
Colic is faced by every newborn till 6 month. When baby sucks milk a part of air is also swallowed in.          
After feedings every time the baby should be burped by patting the back at the level of stomach for 5 minutes.
By doing this baby burps out air. The extra air not burped out is the cause of colic or gas problem.
I generally use Himalaya bonnisan drops, 3 times a day.

But gripe water should not be given always. Check for the symptoms of colic, if he suffering from gas problem then Himalaya bonnisan drops works great.

Generally doctors suggests colicaid drops. Check which suits your baby.

And do not give gripe water, few contains less percentage of alcohol in it.

Take care
Team Caring MoMster

Shajina replied 5 years ago

Great.. Thanks for your prompt reply..!! 🙏