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K. Divya asked 4 years ago

Hai momsters🙋🏻‍♀ Do we have forgetfulness during the pregnancy trimesters. Please let me know.. Thanks

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Chinnu answered 4 years ago

Hi Divya,
It is very normal. Its just all the added hormones that causes forgetfulness.

I sometimes forgets general things, example I forget to drink water after my meal, key chain, turning off light, many such.

Even many mommies reports after delivery they had forgetfulness. – the reason behind after delivery is stress, anxiety, not enough rest, new world, new responsibilities which makes our brain more occupied and results in forgetfulness.

I even now get screwed in office because of this.

Finally just relax try to organise the things,keep yourself reminder.Use your mobile for important appointments as a reminder.

Only mantra is relax, don’t stress yourself, be happy, enjoy life, meditate for sometime.. all will set in right place.. happy parenting, motherhood is something special with lots of joy after seeing our little wonders.

Take care
Team Caring MoMster.