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Sravanthi asked 5 years ago


I just entered 6 months of pregnancy and in the last month, I underwent cervical cerclage.. doctor had asked me to take rest and objected from going to office since it’s risky to travel.

Has anyone gone through such kind of incident…do we have to take complete bed rest or can we do little household work.

pls suggest

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Sahana answered 5 years ago

Hi Sravanthi,

Firstly relax dear… It’s nothing serious, it’s just an treatment.

*What is cervical cerclage?*

Cervical cerclage is a surgical procedure used to keep the cervix closed during pregnancy. The cervix is the lowest part of the uterus and extends into the vagina. During normal pregnancy it remains closed until the third trimester.

Cervical cerclage is used to prevent a miscarriage or premature delivery if you have an incompetent cervix. An incompetent cervix is a cervix that opens without labor too early in a pregnancy. Stitching around the cervix helps keep it closed as the baby grows.

An alternative treatment for an incompetent cervix is bedrest that may last for several months.

The thread is generally removed at the 37th week of pregnancy. If you have contractions or your bag of water breaks while the thread is still in, contact doctor.

*What are the benefits of this procedure?*
Cervical cerclage prevents miscarriage or premature delivery caused by cervical incompetence. The procedure is successful in 85% to 90% of cases.

*Call your doctor if you have:*

👉🏻lower abdominal or back pain that comes and goes like labor pains
👉🏻vaginal bleeding that seems to be more than your doctor has told you to expect .
👉🏻a fever over 100.5 degrees or chills.
👉🏻a bad-smelling vaginal discharge.
👉🏻rupture of the membranes (your bag of water breaks).

*Please be well hydrated, use clean toilets, be away from infection.*

And also follow your gynecologist suggestion, she would be the best person to suggest you as she knows the circumstances under which you had get the stitch done.

It’s normal, nothing to worry. Just follow according to your doctor suggestion. 😊

And please take bed rest, do lift weight or do not roam around much..

Good news is one of our MoMster delivered healthy baby and now both mom & daughter is fine.

With proper precaution everything will be alright.

Take care
Team Caring MoMster🤱🏼🤰🏻

Sahana replied 5 years ago

Sorry I mean to say do not lift weight