Can I give lion dates syrup for my 2 year old daughter?

Can I give lion dates syrup for my 2 year old daughter?Category: QuestionsCan I give lion dates syrup for my 2 year old daughter?
Prasanthi asked 5 years ago

Is it safe to give her lion dates syrup with milk.. I heard some where that its rich in Iron and calcium.. Pls suggest..

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Priyadharshini answered 5 years ago

Hi Prashanti, Yes you can give it to 2 year old, but when you introduce your baby with something new food, try to give it in small amount at first.

And before prescribing any thing new to a baby just consult your pediatrician during vaccine visit or during general check up, because each baby ability is different and doctors knows about your babies medical history, physical activity and many more.

If giving lion dates syrup, do not add sugar. Before giving read the label to see if there are additives. They usually add preservatives. If that is the case, it maybe good to offer just plain dates if your baby can chew it properly then let they chew.
Or you can give homemade dates syrup instead of readymade. Deseed dates and soak dates in luke warm water and then blend it.

Dates are rich in iron and i suggest do not mix with milk (calcium). because iron is best absorbed with vitamin C and not with calcium based food. Take some vitamic c food like orange immediately after having iron rich food like dates,spinach etc to increase iron absorption.
You can add very less quantity of dates syrup to the dishes like  Porridge, ragi cerey, sweet paddu and provide to baby or just give half teaspoon.

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