Can I eat muskmelon in 7th month pregnancy

Can I eat muskmelon in 7th month pregnancyCategory: QuestionsCan I eat muskmelon in 7th month pregnancy
Rushyendra asked 5 years ago
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Priyadharshini answered 5 years ago

Offcourse you can have muskmelon rushi…
Apart from papaya, pineapple, grapes, chikko and jackfruit you can have all other fruits like apples, pomegranate​, pear, mangoes, water melon and musk melon.

Best fruit is pomegranate and apple.

Coming to benefits of muskmelon it has high water content and fibre which helps in curing ulcer problems and also helps in treating urinary tract infection.

muskmelon is the great natural healer for people who get constipated frequently. 

Vitamin C in muskmelon strengthens immunity. 

It reduce heart burn which is one of the symptoms associated with pregnancy.

It also helps to reduce morning sickness during pregnancy..

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