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Anitha asked 5 years ago

Hi Monsters ,my little one is 17 month’s and I’m planning to stop breast feeding for him.very confused on taking this decision , please help me out

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Mahathi answered 5 years ago

Hi dear, It’s better to stop feeding now. As you observed he is understanding so many things now. So here I’m adding few points to follow Do not stop immediately which is not good for and your son Try to decrease no of times you are giving now. Every 5 days try to decrease one feed. So that your body will also understand and for him also it’s easy to adjust . He should forget slowly the taste of your milk. And your milk production also reduces with this.. if you don’t get enough milk how much time he will try.. so B strict when following these. Before all of these don’t feed him in the nights. He may cry for 2 days .. he will b alright from 3 day.. just hold him if he cries in the night .. Once he stops in the night it’s very easy for you to distract him in the day time. This is my experience with my daughter she didn’t even asked me afterwards.. I feel slow treatment works on this issue.. try whatever possible with him. All the best

Yogita answered 5 years ago

Hi dear, you can stop breastfedding your baby. But few mom’s feed their baby till 2 year old. But no problem your baby is already 1 year 5 month old.

*But before going to weaning process take some precautions:*

Suddenly if you stop breastfeeding, your breasts might fill with milk and get very uncomfortable. You might have lumpy breasts for 1 week.
If you find full or painful, just try to express your milk sometimes.

Again do not switch to feed your baby, the more baby sucks, the more milk produces.

If your baby protest for milk, then apply fresh Neem paste to your nipple and try to feed him when he not crying.
During 1st sip he will identify something wrong with milk and he may start saying milk not good by himself, at this stage offer him cow or formula milk he may taste good.

Or you can go from one feed a day to one feed every few days. And switch to food, give morning 1 glass milk and night 1 glass milk in a glass. Do not use feeding bottle.. do not give milk more then 2 glass. I have seen baby’s who drink more milk stops taking other nutritious food. But offcourse milk is necessary for calcium.

Points to be noted during weaning process:

*If any lump persistent or painful or if you feel feverish please visit gynecologist.
Take care
Team Caring MoMster.