Backpain after c section

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Narishma Rani Pukkella asked 5 years ago

I’m getting back pain since 1 week I’m Mom of 2 kidoo’s both are c section..

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Caring MoMster answered 5 years ago

Hi dear,

Pain is the most common complaint after a c-section.

Follow some of the remedies

Massage your hand and foot alternative days, it helps in lowering pain intensities. Massage for atleast 20 mins. Keep your leg in warm water.

Eat Well – fibre food, vegetables etc.

keep yourself Hydrated.

Maintain proper weight – increase in weight will increase back pain.
Avoid junk foods.

Drink water – It is important to stay hydrated after your procedure. After a c-section, many women experience constipation, which can be unpleasant and painful. Be sure to drink plenty of filtered water to keep your body balanced.

Do not stand for long.

Don’t use high heeled sandals.

Check whether you are not suffering from gastric.. if so take home remedies – drink ginger milk, jeera water.

With doctor consultation take calcium and vitamin D supplement for bone strength.

Do not lift weight.

*Get enough rest* . Your body needs sleep and rest to heal properly. Life with a new baby will be hectic and difficult, but try to find the time to let yourself sleep, because it is essential for you to recover fully.

Just follow these hope you will be fine.

Take care
Team Caring MoMster 🙂🤱🏼🤰🏻