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Mahi asked 4 years ago

Hello moms, please suggest home remedies for diarrhea . My daughter is 16 month old now!!

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Ritika answered 4 years ago

Hi Nahi,

If your baby dehydrated much then prepare homemade ORS.
Dissolve 4 teaspoons of sugar + half teaspoon of salt in 1 litre of water. Give this solution to your child to drink after every 2 hours, only if you feel baby dehydrated.

👉🏻avoid milk products during loose motion.

👉🏻 For breakfast give rava/ sooji kanji and mix with mashed banana.
After a interval provide tender coconut water if weather is not cold.

Banana provides strength and energy and rava is not heavy dish.

👉🏻 Lunch: provide curd rice.

Curd is best probiotics, it retains beneficial bacteria called lactobacillus which maintains good intestine flora.

👉🏻 Dinner again rava kanji mix with Apple puree.

Apple helps for easy absorbance and also good for digestion.

👉🏻 To stop loose motion : use Nutmeg.

Take Nutmeg rub it and get few powder, mix 2 pinch of it and mix with water or expressed breast milk and provide it to baby once a day.

👉🏻 Or give sporlac powder 1/2 teaspoon mix with water or expressed breast milk. Per day once or as directed by doctor.

👉🏻 Give pomegranate juice at regular intervals. This will help in rehydrating the child.

If still loose motion persists please contact doctor asap.

Take care
Team Caring MoMster