Nipple Shield-I could avoid it

My dear Momsters,

I would like to share my story about using Nipple shield. I am blessed with a baby boy recently. I had C Section. I was not conscious and it took time to come back to my normal condition. Nurses were extracting colustrum from my nipple. I even didn’t ask, why expressed colostrum was given. After sometime they said I have a flat nipple problem.. My son WILL NOT latch.. 🙁 I mean.. how could they say without trying.. !! But Baby was crying so all my family accepted what they were saying. Using Nipple shield was easy and baby was able to latch.. but sterilizing it again and again was a big headache. My mother was only strong enough to do all those things. I was getting irritated. It continued.. and after 2 months we decided to try once again to make him latch.. After few days he latched 🙂

But, the story doesn’t end there… when I started interacting with other new moms.. they said that they were also told to use the shield but they didnot do and tried to make their kid latch and they were successful. I used to feel angry, disappointed and helpless as I could not do that due to lack of knowledge.

Hence, my request to new moms is that Flat nipple is just a shape. Baby will latch slowly. Just keep trying. Easy ways are many but breastfeeding is like a dedicated work and every mom should do it. It takes one week for baby to latch properly. So.. don lose hope, don panic.. Just say to yourself.. My baby will find its way soon to latch soon.. !!
🙂 🙂

Happy Breastfeeding 🙂

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