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Nasal Congestion during pregnancy

“I have symptoms like sneezing, congestion, runny nose… but I’m pregnant! What is that? What to do?”

If you have such doubt, then it is more likely known as nasal congestion also called pregnancy rhinitis, which is congestion or a stuffy nose during pregnancy.

Dear MoMsters this is the common issue faced by 30% of pregnant women.

Today I’m going to share with you a few tips to treat nasal congestion during pregnancy.

Some experience nasal congestion due to high levels of the pregnancy hormones estrogen and progesterone and few others experience congestion due to allergies, viruses (Viruses are almost impossible to avoid, especially in the winter). 

But you may wonder how to treat nasal congestion during pregnancy! Can I take medicines to treat? Are medicines safe during pregnancy?

Chill… Let us clear your bunch of doubts….  

When you consult gynaecologist they will prescribe few safe medicines, because only a few medicines can be used safely during pregnancy. However, to be on the safe side, it’s best to avoid taking any medication to treat pregnancy rhinitis.

Manage Congestion/ ease symptoms by using some home remedies:

remedies for nasal congestion during pregnancy

  • Saline nasal spray: It is a solution of sodium chloride and a form of nasal irrigation. This helps to relieve nasal congestion and is safe during pregnancy.
  • Use of Humidifier: Before using humidifier follow the cleaning instructions that come with your humidifier, because bacteria and molds can flourish in some humidifiers. Hence clean it daily. The humidifier helps to open up the nasal passages and allows you to breathe normally.
  • Steam Inhalation: Trust me it really loosens mucus in the nose and eases nasal congestion and sinus symptoms. Doing steam inhalation 3 times per day will help.
  • Warm drinks: Ginger milk helps to ease the symptoms.

Recipe: Boil half-inch grated ginger with a cup of water. Stir and mix the extract to the warm milk with a pinch of turmeric powder. This will be a soothing effect during congestion.

How to manage nasal congestion if their symptoms are due to allergies, viruses:

  • In general Saline nasal spray, Use of Humidifier, Steam inhalation, and Warm drinks will help.
  • Supporting with that taking your prenatal vitamin which contains vitamin B12, vitamin C, zinc, iron and so on will help in preventing cold symptoms.

(But don’t take any medicines or supplements without your doctor’s consultation).

  • Take immune boosting foods like dry fruits, spinach, oranges, kiwi, melon and green vegetables.
  • If your rhinitis is allergen-related then avoid anything that triggers your symptoms like – if you are sensitive to house dust mites, pollution, smoking, alcohol smell, agarbhati smell, chemical fumes, and paint smell.

Consult gynecologist if you are not able to control and if you have symptoms of:

  • fever over 100 °F
  • headache
  • Coughing up yellowish mucus.
  • Wheezing and
  • If nasal congestion lasts more than 1 week.

“So here I am done with my input my dear MoMsters, I hope this post was helpful.

 I want to hear from you, please share in the comment section about your queries.”




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