Momstional Value- A Momster’s Emotional Value

Hey You SUPER STRONG Mom. Yes You ! 

I am acknowledging to every mom who is reading this right now.

You might be thinking, how can you be Super Strong? you might be exhausted, tired, overwhelmed, demotivated by others, judged, and list goes on. Then how ? why?

Let me try to explain you .. 🙂

Did you ever wonder that you are still alive and looking after your baby and family as well.

Do you need any other reason to feel stronger. Yes, you are strong enough but you need to feel and accept this fact.  

You have created a miracle …. You have capability to create a LIFE..

If people are saying that you are a woman and it is your responsibility and capability to give birth to a child then it is absolutely wrong. Not every woman becomes mother, those are unfortunate mothers. Talking about responsibility then yes, your responsibility is to give birth to a child only when you choose to be a mother.

Understand the difference between what is expected by a woman vs what does a woman choose to do with her life.

There are many things which needs to be discussed  when a woman chooses to be a mother and the journey starts. So, we have decided that along with facts and figures related to pregnancy/post pregnancy/baby which are very important to know, we will try to motivate through real time incidents that causes stress in a new mom. We will try to provide all the possible solution and logical insights for every topics. The main aim of writing these topics is to keep a mom motivated and happy throughout your journey of motherhood.

So, let’s begin….. 🙂