Me Time for new moms – It is not an option – must be in your check list everyday.

Hey Mommies,

Here I am with a new short write up to give you little confidence, to give you little comfort from my side.

After delivery, for any new mom it is quite a difficult and challenging time for the first few months.

Those sleepless night,

those unbearable suggestions ,

those heartbreaking cryings of the newborn.

Amidst, you have household work to do. You have to look after your newborn.

And above all, if something is not done as per the expectation of few family members, you will be held guilty.

But, the bitter truth is, in India and in most families these are happening. If few moms are blessed with understanding husbands then they might be frustrated with in-laws

If few are blessed with an understanding husband and in-laws both they are worried about not having proper Breastmilk supply

The worst cases I have heard, where a mom has gone through a tough phase because none of her family members helped her and she had no one to look up to for help. But now after 2 years of Motherhood she has made herself more stronger and independent.

So, mommies, why I cited these examples is because each one of us has some or another problem but a very common problem is postpartum depression. We have to deal with it from day one else our life will look like a burden. Motherhood will look like a punishment.

I know, I know, It is easier said than done.

But believe me, I have gone through this phase and have chosen this topic because it helped a lot in terms of gaining confidence, in order to overcome fear, anxiety, and sadness.

What is *Me time*

It is a time to spend with oneself. Doing what you love to do or at that point in time thinking of doing that. It could be listening to music, or just relax or watching youtube, learning new courses like Digital Marketing, Python programming, Coding etc , going through your old photos ..anything but all alone and it should make you feel better.

No Household work or office work or any pending work.. No No…

How is that possible??

Yes, very much possible.

If you think any of your family members support you, ask him to take care of the baby for half an hour to one hour. And this is why you get your #MeTime.

The Worst case scenario which I have heard or seen is where people think it is only a Mother’s duty to look after the baby, in that case also those moms survived happily and took out their #MeTime.

The only time is early morning. When All family members are asleep, no one wakes up. Just wake up according to your baby routine matching with other family members’ sleeping patterns. Take out at least half an hour and the whole day you will find energized.

It is difficult after a sleepless night but we know we have to wake up after every 2 or 3 hours to feed the baby for the next 6 months. So, why not accept this fact and make use of it.

Yes, I have shared a general idea. If anyone thinks this might work for them .. try and please share your experience.

Till then stay strong Mumma,

Little ones are looking at you.


Just a Mom to Mom talk. 🙂



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  1. Very true. I’m totally agree with your all points .nd ya l sure it will be very helpful for now mom.

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