Is Junk Food During Pregnancy Safe or Unsafe?

The junk foods are very tasty, look delicious, and are yummy! We cannot resist eating them. Isn’t it true? Yes, every one of us agrees with this. But have we thought about how good these junk foods are for our bodies? Especially during pregnancy, cravings increase due to hormonal changes, and we end up eating loads of burgers, chats, pizza, deep-fried cheesy items, French fries, etc.


Research in the US has shown that 75 percent of pregnant women crave. But why junk food? The main factor is a deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the body. The neurotransmitters carry impulses between nerve cells, which control our moods.

An article in the Mumbai Mirror says cravings are caused by the psychological need for fat or high-sugar foods that taste delicious.

How can I avoid these cravings?

It’s fine if we crave, but care should be taken while eating or drinking, as what we eat may directly affect us as well as our foetus. Regular consumption of junk food may affect the body by causing gestational diabetes, stomach infections, pregnancy-related complications, and even complications after delivering the baby. Example: If mom craves some saltier food, it means she may be having low blood pressure; the same applies to other cravings. They are linked to our bodily conditions. So we have to opt for a healthy diet to satisfy our cravings.

A healthy and delicious diet

  • Munch a few pomegranate seeds when you crave junk. It is not only a better option during cravings but also good for increasing haemoglobin during and later in pregnancy.
  • Try fruit salad, which is loaded with nutrients and plays a vital role in a healthy pregnancy. Avoid having pre-cut fruits. Cut them just before you eat.
  • Dry fruits: soaked badam (almond) is the powerhouse of nutrition; walnuts are good for a foetus as well as a pregnant lady; cashews have good fat.
  • Replace soft drinks with healthy, fresh, homemade juices. The commercially available fruit juices, too, are not good for health as they have added preservatives and are loaded with white sugar.
  • Have beetroot juice, or you can consume it by cooking it as a side dish. This not only gives you energy; it also helps increase haemoglobin.
  • Avoid deep-fried products as they have lots of oil, which may lead to an upset stomach.
  • Corn, puffed rice, and multigrain bread are healthy options.
  • Oranges contain vitamin C, which is not only good for babies but also protects you from UTIs (urinary tract infections).
  • Anjeer fruit is too good during pregnancy.
  • Go for makhanas, which have loads of calcium.

Dear MoMsters, have a balanced diet. Junk food has loads of salt and sugar. Severe salt and sugar are bad for the body. Have a healthy, happy, and safe pregnancy journey. These are the memorable days in the journey of life. So make your pregnancy happy and lively.

Guest Writer,

Shruthi K S

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