Harmful Effects of Mobile Phones on Children

N number of parents want to make their kids engaged in some activities so that they can do some other kinds of stuff. It might be cooking or household chores or office work or watching tv etc. In order to do that the most easiest way parents adopt is to hand over a phone to their kids. Few know and few donot its side effects on children. They provide mobile phones and make them engaged to spend long hours over mobiles.

But the question is,  did anyone ever thought it might be harmful to give the mobile phone to your child? If yes, then find out what are the possible effects and how to avoid giving mobile phones to your child.

The rate of radiation absorption is higher in children than adults because their brain tissues absorbs quickly, their skulls are soft. Pregnant ladies should be careful, because fetuses are particularly vulnerable, because radiation exposure can lead to degeneration of the protective sheath that surrounds brain neurons.

Children who use mobile phones are likely to suffer from the following:

Disruption of memory: They won’t be able to have the same level of thinking.

The decline of attention: Children get addicted to either social media or video games, hence they find difficult to concentrate your words or lack of healthy communication with parents.

Increased irritability: They get irritated very soon and lead to a behavioural issue.

Sleep Disruption: They may suffer from insufficient sleep by staying up all night texting or playing games which causes fatigue and restlessness.

• They face diminishing learning and cognitive abilities.

• Longer-term hazards include “depressive syndrome”.

Safety Precautions:

  • Devices should be kept away from a pregnant woman’s abdomen.
  • A mother should not use a cell phone while nursing.
  • Cell phones should not be allowed in a child’s bedroom at night, unless a cell phone is turned off, it is always radiating.
  •  When not in use, it should not be kept on the body, the best place for a cell phone is somewhere like a selves or top table.
  • Boy child should not keep a cell phone in their front pants pockets, because there is a potential harm to sperm after puberty.
  • Wi-Fi routers in the home should be placed away from where people, particularly children, spend the most of their time.
  •  Wireless Bluetooth headsets should be avoided.
  •  Use the speakerphone or a plug-in earpiece when you make your child talk to their grandparents or daddy. This helps to protect child from harmful radiation.
  • Most importantly avoid giving mobile phones for children to play games or to watch video. (If possible delete all the games from your phone, games won’t help your child anyway in future.)

  • Change the YouTube settings to restriction mode in order to protect them from watching any inappropriate content.
  • We as a parent use mobile phones almost everytime infront of our little kids which adversely trigger them to use mobiles like mumma and papa. (Children generally follows parents footsteps). Instead, spend quality time with your little wonders and try to give healthy/talented youngsters for our nation.

Dear parents please go through our content and take an immediate step on protecting your kids from mobile phones. 

Many parents cry aloud that they are missing their happy and lovable child once they had, just because of a healthy communication gap.

80 % of parents report that their child no longer communicating with the family, the phone is always beside the child day and night, their homework is pending, their aim in life and achievements no longer exist.

The simple handset can be provided for school going children just to manage missed school buses, sudden school holidays so on, provided monitor their mobile activity and lastly recharged currency for mobile.

Talk with children wisely, carefully and with all your love. Make them engaged in other activities that improve their knowledge.

Last but not the least, it is easier said than done. It might take time for the transition. But, have patience. Now, you know the harmful effects of mobiles on children. In that case, keep motivating yourselves till your kid gives away the phone and gets indulged into some healthy engagement. 

Take care MoMsters
Happy Parenting..

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