Dussera Creative Event For Kids (Online)

Many children enthusiastically participated in the competition hosted by the Caring Momster team. Everyone had a great time. Some of them did win. Every child, for us and every mother, is a winner because they bring out their own creative side. We wish them all the best.

When the children received their gifts, some could express themselves verbally, while others could express themselves through their smiles and eye expressions.

It cannot be missed. Watch Now. 


And we sincerely thank parents for encouraging their kids to participate.

Choosing activities appropriate for a child’s age helps to avoid frustration.

When kids enjoy an activity, they get the feeling that they want to do more of it. Practicing the right skill—whether it’s drawing, sports, dance, etc.—improves their abilities, especially when their effort is noticed and praised.

These good feelings often make kids want to continue the activity, and they even try other innovative ideas that improve their thinking ability.

Stay tuned for our upcoming events.