Do you have any of these symptoms ? Read, how can you cope with PPD

As discussed in the previous post, you would have been familiar with the term Postpartum Depression by now.

Now, the question is how can someone know if they or others are suffering from PPD? Let’s see in the symptoms section.

Symptoms of postpartum depression:

It typically lasts from a few hours to several days to several months. Few of the symptoms are :

  • Irritability
  • Insomnia (Lack of sleep)
  • Feeling like crying without any reason.
  • Unable to concentrate.
  • Headache
  • Trying to avoid talking or sharing anything with anyone.
  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • Loss of appetite
  • Weight gain or weight loss.

These are a few of the common symptoms. Most of the new moms suffer from this. But, the GOOD NEWS is that these can be overcome by following a few tips or steps :

First of all, Ignore the symptoms and pretend that you are fine.

(In severe case if untreated, the condition may last for months or longer. If the symptoms are mild, follow our tips. If you find very tough to cope up with PD or not able to tackle with it, then you need professional help, treatment can include counseling, antidepressants or hormone therapy.)

Few tips to cope up with postpartum depression:

Depression is an individual trip, what works for me or other moms might not work for you. No matter which approach do you choose, the goal is to figure out which self-care strategies work best for you.

  • Proper sleep: A good sleep can have a huge and positive effect on how you feel both emotionally and physically. When you’re tired, your body releases cortisol and other stress hormones that can promote weight gain. Many moms follow this strategy and find it helpful.  ” Whenever your baby sleeps,  take some rest/sleep” You will feel energized and happy. Yes, you need to make yourself mentally prepared that a new mom doesn’t get more than 4 hours of sleep at a stretch. It might be fewer hours than this.


  •  Healthy Foods: Have an early dinner, somewhere between 7.30 pm and 8 pm, so that you are done before 8.30 pm. It will boost your metabolism and let you reduce extra weight.

Do not skip meals. While looking after a baby, many moms forget to eat. If you do not eat, you will have less energy, and it will not help you to take care of your baby.


  • Self-care: It is very very important to make sure that you are taking good care of your body, mind, and soul every day. “Taking care of yourself is also a part of taking care of baby-unknown”

“Dear Mommies, Loving others begins by loving yourself first” Love your inner beauty as it needs care and affection to grow.

Try to practice this activity today :

stand in front of a mirror, look at it and SMILE. Now, what will you receive? You will receive a smile back” which will help you to feel good and will provide positive energy to look after your kid.

Take control of yourself instead of trying to control others’ thoughts or comments. Try to overcome negative thoughts. DO NOT WORRY STAY HAPPY.

  • Listening to some nice music: you need to listen to some good music that makes you smile. Everyone has some favorite songs, listen to yours.
  • Staying with Positive people: Surround yourself with sensible and positive people. Share your motherhood journey or seek to advise from someone who has a positive approach towards motherhood.

“No one is totally peaceful. So stop worrying about things you can’t change and  focus on the things that you can change.”

  • Kid’s world: talk with your kids, make them comfortable, cuddle, play with them, be happy by watching their smile, innocent act.
  • Prayer: take some time for prayer, make yourself relax.

  • Inspirational Videos /Book/Article: watch some morally based movies or read something that inspires you and teaches you something new and good.
  • Rewarding yourselfDo not forget to reward yourself. If you feel like you have done or learned something new to handle your thoughts or baby or any situation. Please be happy and pat your back. It is very difficult and if you have achieved a reward yourself. 
  • Cultivating time Management: We moms are strong enough to achieve anything, Time management is the key.       prioritizing the list and manage accordingly will help you to have control over time and then you can see yourself transforming into a supermom.

If your husband/family members support in sharing household work then well and good. If not. no worries, we moms can handle both kids and other required works single-handedly. One of the best examples of time management which many moms practice every day.

Waking up early and trying to finish all household work before the baby wakes up; in that way you get plenty of time to spend with your baby and enjoy their activities.

  • Practice Yoga: You can get good relief and peace by practicing proper breathing techniques and meditation.


  • Anger Management: Do you often find yourself expressing your emotions through anger? Most of the moms do, so don’t worry, it is very common. But, here lies the secret of good child management skills. Working on your anger will provide more positive energy to handle your kid and situation. Less anger more happiness and in turn, you will become more optimistic towards motherhood journey.

{During this phase, it is better to ignore a few situations which demand opinion or a long conversation.}


  • Respecting elders: Regarding baby, if you find any  suggestion from elders then just respect them, say ok or yes and later without hurting their ego follow your proper treatment by consulting pediatrician


  • Stay active: It is true that if we do exercise everyday it helps in maintaining our mental health in good condition. We remain active and positive throughout the day. But, just after delivery, it might not be possible. But, being active doesn’t require a heavy work out. You can take a small walk with your baby in the morning or evening. At home also don’t sit for a longer period. Keep walking or doing certain household works. Staying active will keep you active in taking care of the baby and yourself.


  • Taking a shower and relaxing: Don’t skip a shower. Taking a shower helps in relaxing the whole body.
  • Helping someone in needBy helping especially other new moms in terms of knowing about this term, you will feel good and happy. If you find any mom who needs your suggestion, talk to them. Only listening to them make them feel relaxed and clam.. 


  • Believe in yourself

You will have to believe in yourself that you are doing your best for your kid and will keep doing. Don’t let others’ opinions ruin your belief system. They are just an opinion. Smile and keep doing your work.

  • Waking up early and drinking a glass full of water in an empty stomach. 

  • learning something new.

  • Try to appreciate genuinely someone every day

  • Value your ambitions and work on them daily.

It is difficult to take out time to work on your life goal if any. But you can think or try to discuss it with someone in your free time. The kids will not be of the same age, they will grow and whatever you have worked during these periods will help you to restart your career or to work towards your goal.

  • Not to forget to love yourself.





Hope, by this time you know what you have to do to keep yourself happy and cope up with PD in case you are suffering from this.

Stay Happy Mommy, as your kid totally depends on you. He will connect positively if you stay positive. Are you still thinking about where to start … !! Then, take a tour of your home once 🙂

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