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Activity for 6-7 year old- Plant Activity

Beginning of Scientific thinking for your little one

Dear MoMsters, teaching about plants is one of the primitive types of science that children can understand.

Before starting the activity explain your child and ask them to think about what do we need in order to grow? Tell them we humans need – healthy food, water, air (oxygen), a place to live, and grow.

In the same pattern, plants need soil, water, and sunlight to grow.

And teach your child to water a plant using a spray bottle, and randomly tell them how water travels through plants, how we get oxygen, how plants breathe. (Of course, the final goal of performing the act of  gardening with kids is to encourage them for healthy eating)

Materials needed for this activity.

  • White plain paper
  • Pen
  • Glue
  • Seeds (you can collect from green peas)
  • Flowers (rose, hibiscus, etc.)
  • Stem (can get stem from spinach)
  • Leaves (spinach leaves)
  • Roots (can get roots from spinach or coriander plants)
  • Tray (to keep all the plant’s parts)


  • Dear parents let us involve our kids with real plants and their parts, ask them to gather some parts of the plant, and to label them. (To know what to gather, please check materials needed from the above-mentioned points).
  • Prepare a worksheet and start writing parts of the plant (Seed, Flowers, Stem, Leaves, and Roots).
  • Make your child observe the real plant parts and introduce them to each part’s name.
  • Let your child read the parts and glue (label) them accordingly.
  • Hope your child will match with the correct parts.

This activity is great for the first and second graders kids! It will boost their imagination power.  Enjoy valuable & fun activities.

Have an engaging Week ahead for kids. 

6 thoughts on “Activity for 6-7 year old- Plant Activity”

  1. Yes , very nice .. and good idea to teach them like they touch and feel the seeds and can remember perfectly…thanks for sharing.. A good taught like these changes the kid’s way of thinking.

  2. Very nice activity dear ..we have to start teaching theese activities to kids that stage so that they can know the value of greenery which is helps to prevent pollution. Great effort dear .

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