Activity for 2-3 years old kids. Playful Math- 1

Developing Math Skills:

Dear MoMsters, with simple materials and a little planning, today we are going to give you a small idea, with which you can help your child learn math skills at an earlier stage by having fun all together and which in turn will boost their natural curiosity.

Counting steps as you go up or down the staircase.

Number skills are foundational for later mathematics learning, you can teach children early math skills through their daily routines and activities. For example, help your child to count steps as they go up or down the staircase or for older kids to ask them to climb a certain number.

What is required for the activity?

  • Chalk piece.
  • Staircases.
  • Parents support.

The objective of this game is very simple:

  • With the help of chalk, write numbers on each step.
  • At the initial stage, start writing numbers from 1 to 9.
  • As you move up the stairs count them with your child, by showing each number. (If your child loses interest in recognizing number then do not force them to do, at least walk together while calling out the number by climbing each step).
  • Try this activity once a day and numbering should not exceed more than 9, as the child would get tired while climbing up the stairs.

Note: Parents should not leave the child alone to climb the stairs; the activity should be done under the parent’s supervision.

“Be patient MoMsters, this activity will take some time to show a better result. One day, all of a sudden you will be amused to see that your child learned some concepts and repeating the numbers just to show you how intelligent are they.\” They are, aren\’t they? 🙂


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