Common questions on Formula feed

Hi MoMsters, if by any reason you are starting off with formula feed then I am sure you will be having plenty of questions and doubts in your mind. In this topic, we have put together all the common questions related to formula feed. Please go through it and make yourself comfortable using it. 

‘Remember one thing’ “none of the formula feed can replace breastmilk feed”. Generally weight gain will be best on breastfeed.

Now, let\’s move ahead with the common questions which are generally asked by Moms:

  • Is the feeding bottle good for my baby?

No… Bottle is the root cause of infection, because the microorganisms may stick on the neck and teat of the bottle and these microorganisms transmit to the infant. (Feeding bottles require perfect sterilization and regular cleaning.)\"\"

Pediatricians generally do not recommend bottles instead they advise giving top milk with the help of a cup and spoon.

And my personal suggestion to adopt our elder\’s method of feeding top milk i.e. our Indian feeding device,the Paladai.

  • How to clean and sterilize the feeding bottle?

All the feeding device including if you prefer cup-spoon, paladai, and feeding bottle should be cleaned and sterilized well.

Most importantly if you use bottle, special care should be given to clean and sterilize (bottle, teats & lids).

Cleaning and sterilizing feeding utensils, bottles removes microorganisms.


Now, let\’s talk on Cleaning Feeding Bottle:

  • At first, wash your hands well.
  • Secondly, in a clean container prepare hot soapy water and then place all items inside it, which is needed for cleaning, then\"\" wash all the feeding equipment thoroughly by using hot soapy water.
  • Use a small brush to scrub inside and outside of bottles and teats.
  • And make sure all the hard left over feed is removed.
  • Finally rinse thoroughly in clean running water.


Sterilizing feeding bottle:

The cleaned equipment can be sterilized by 2 methods.

  1. By a pan and boiling water.
  • Fill water in a large pan in order to place the cleaned feeding equipment into the water.\"\"

(Note: the feeding items should be disassembled before placing in water).

  • Make sure that the equipment is completely immersed with water.
  • Bring the pan to boil for 5 minutes.
  • Remove items carefully without contamination.
  • Always keep the sterilized items in a clean and covered place.


  1. Commercial sterilizer which is easily available in the market (refer manual for sterilization instruction)\"\"

Always Remember: To clean and sterilize after and before you prepare formula feed.


  • What if I travel out, how to prepare formula feed?

Try having boiled water in a flask and a separate storage container to preserve formula powder. Mix accordingly and feed baby using sterilized cup and spoon.

  • After preparing formula if baby does not drink, then can we store it or should we discard it? Discard it.

Makeup one feed at a time. It is safer to feed immediately after preparation. The longer you store prepared formula, the greater the risk of microorganism’s growth.

  • What is the proportion of formula feed?

It’s given on the tin itself.

Follow the mixing instructions which is given on the tin you are using including appropriate use of scoop provided in that tin. This is really important as different formulas will have different scoops size, which will affect the dilution of the formula, do not change proportion of powder except on medical advice. Incorrect preparation can make your baby very ill.

  • At what temperature should I use to prepare formula powder?

Boil water first and let it cool – the water should be no cooler than 700C. Now add formula to the water in the bottle, mix thoroughly by gentle shaking or swirling the bottle, then immediately cool to feeding temperature by placing in container of cold or iced water. Make sure that the level of the cooling water is below the lid of the bottle, so that you do not contaminate the feed. With a clean cloth, dry outside of the bottle. The feed should be lukewarm, not hot or cold.

  • Can I warm the prepared formula?

Warming prepared formula is not recommended because it will damage the nutrients.

  • How many times in a day, formula feed to be given?

It depends on age and the information is given on the tin itself.

  • Is that ok to let my baby to sleep with a bottle?

 A big No…

It can cause choking, ear infections, tooth decay.

  • Does the formula feeding cause gas?

Yes after you prepare formula, generally air is retained inside the baby bottle and in turn baby swallow air while bottle feeding. And also formula feeds cause constipation in some babies.

Hold in an upright position while feeding and burp well for 10-15 mins after a feed.

  • How often bottles should be cleaned and sterilized?

Bottles should be cleaned before and after every feeding.

  • What is the proportion of water to be added for the preparation of formula feed?

Follow the instruction on the tin you are using, which explains clearly about the amount of water to be added. Always measure the water and then add the powder.

Remember: Too much water leads to insufficient nutrients and too little water may cause digestion issue. Just follow the instruction on the tin closely and prepare accordingly.

  • I purchased Formula milk powder and started to use only once and again I discontinued and used after 4 month, when I mix powder in a bottle it’s turning yellow. Should I use it or not?

Check for expiry date and also check within how many days it should be used after opening the pack..? Generally, within 3 weeks it should be used after opening… This rule is because there will be a chance of contamination of milk after the powder exposed to air, which leads to discoloration i.e. it will begin to have a yellowish tint and sometimes odor. If you notice discoloration or odor in your powdered milk, then it should be discarded.

Since it’s a milk product do not take a chance MoMster.

General advice:

On opening the pack of formula powder, transfer the contents of the pack along with the pouch into a clean airtight container. And note the manufacture date and expiry date carefully.\"\"

Ok, MoMsters now you would have got some clear picture about formula feed-related queries and doubts. For more information, please leave a comment.


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