Coronavirus (COVID-19)- Prevention over Panicking

Dear MoMsters we know that you might be worried about coronavirus, and we are here to explain what the coronavirus is and how to fight with it.

Coronavirus are a large family of virus that cause illness ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases like Pneumonia.

COVID-19 appeared in Wuhan, a city in China, in December 2019 and it is likely to spread many countries and many people are affected which includes Italy, the USA, Spain, Germany, Iran, France, South Korea, UK, and India.

Now dear MoMsters all I want to say is people of all ages can be infected by COVID-19. However my request is to take care older people and kids whose immune system is still developing, and particularly people with conditions like heart diseases, asthma are more vulnerable to the virus.

Coming to Symptoms:
There is still lots of confusion in the minds of people what exactly the symptoms of coronavirus are?
Because sometimes it resembles like the common cold and it finds very difficult to differentiate.
No confusion, we will help you to recognize exact symptoms.
The symptoms will be like respiratory viral fever for 85% of the population. If you have flu or cold 1st thing you should do is isolate yourself and follow your symptoms.

DAY 1-3—The symptoms will be similar to normal cold and flu.

-The patient will experience fever and they will experience mild throat pain or no throat pain at all.

 People with the weakest immune system may experience nausea & diarrhea.

DAY 4 —–The throat pain of infected person increases.

Voice of patients becomes sore.

-Raise in body temperature above 99.7 degrees F.

-Mild headache and mild diarrhea.

DAY 5 —- There is intense pain in the throat.\"\"
 Pain while eat or drink.
 Soreness of voice increases.
 Body pain and joint pain.

DAY 6 ———– Fever is still mild.
 Dry cough with painful throat.
 Painful throat while eating, swallowing or talking.
 Feeling of being exhausted and severe nausea.
 Occasionally the patient face difficulty in breathing.
 The intensity of diarrhea and vomiting increases.

DAY 7———– Fever increases up to 100.4 F.  \"\"
 Excessive coughing with sputum.
 Headache, diarrhea, body pain and vomiting worsens.
 Loss of appetite.

DAY 8 ————- Severe difficulty in breathing.
 The chest becomes very heavy.
 Coughing increases.

 Loss of taste and smell

DAY 9 ———— All of the symptoms starts getting worse.

This list of symptoms was released by the ministry of health, Singapore.
Severe Symptoms include – difficulty breathing, pain in the chest, bluish lips or face.
Finally if you ever feel the three symptoms Fever, Cough and shortness of breath seek medical attention immediately.
It is noticed that symptoms are showing up in people within 14 days of exposure to the virus.

Who is at more risk?
 Immuno compromised individuals
 Chronic disorders – Bronchial Asthma, diabetes, cardiovascular patients.\"\"
 Old age people.

How is the mode of Transmission?
There is only one thing you need to understand about a coronavirus spread. The virus spreads when a sick person cough or sneezes and a droplets from a sick person get into your eyes, nose, mouth of an healthy person or when a healthy person touching contaminated objects.

It is always said that prevention is better than cure.
 Wash your hands with antimicrobial soap thoroughly, wash upto elbow and wash between fingers, back of your hands for 20 seconds.

 Wash the face mask after every use, because sometimes sick person saliva can even get on the outside of your face mask.

• If using disposable mask throw away within 6-7 hours, because bacteria can grow on the insides of your mask if you wear them too long.

• If using a washable mask, do not touch the front portion of mask and wash it after every use.

 Do not share towels, spoon, utensils, food etc.\"\"

 Always wash your hands with soap before you eat and after being out in the public.

 The sick person’s saliva can get on anything’s such as their hands, doorknobs, train straps, pens, mobile, lift button, stair banisters, etc. and if you touch any of these things by accident and then touch your face, rub eyes, you might fall sick.
(It is said that virus can last for upto 24 hours on objects and do not worry the only solution is to wash your hands with antimicrobial soap for 20 secs and please teach your kids how to wash hands).

 If you find someone who is coughing, sneezing/sick, please keep 2m of distance away from them.
(Advice those to use a mask when they are sick).

 It’s better to avoid traveling in a crowded place because you don’t know who might be sick.
(Remember people who are infected can show no symptoms but are still infectious). \"\"

 Dear working parents please be unsocial: If possible work from home which helps your kids as well as you.

 Avoid parties, meeting people, public transport, salon, crowded place. And be at home till everything settles down. What the future beholds for us, nobody knows, it’s good to be ready for worse, we already have examples of other countries who suffer to get daily routine, so dear MoMsters stock some basic things at your home like food which won’t get spoiled easily and also necessary medicines for kids and pregnant ladies.\"\"

 Try to isolate children and elders as much as possible.

“Include immune-boosting foods in your daily diet for a healthy immune system, such as ginger, garlic, turmeric, and among fruits – Kiwi, oranges, papaya, lemon and vegetables like – spinach, broccoli, carrot, beetroot, and nuts. However, immune-boosting foods will not stop you from getting COVID-19 infection, but these foods helps for healthy immune system to fight against COVID-19 during treatment.”

Persons infected with coronavirus can recover from the disease if their body and immune system support during hospital treatment, but till now there is no certain specific treatment protocol published by WHO.

Dear MoMsters it is very important to understand that panicking won’t help its time to think smart and work accordingly by following necessary precautions.

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