Heard of Postpartum Depression ? It is not that scary as it sounds .. !!

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Hello Dear Momsters,

We are here, again with a very strong topic that has a greater impact on mothers but most of the people including moms are unaware of this fact!! That is \”POSTPARTUM (After Childbirth) DEPRESSION\”

First of all, let us give a big round of applause for ourselves to giving our best as a MOTHER.

Now, let us discuss the term called, Postpartum depression. It is not depressing as it sounds 🙂 Just go through the points mommies, you will understand the right symptoms and few steps to overcome it.

After childbirth, the levels of hormones (estrogen & progesterone) in a woman’s body, quickly drop. This leads to chemical changes in her brain that might cause mood swings. In addition, being a mother means a set of responsibilities and pressures, and it is natural for a new mom to feel overwhelmed and stressed.

Above all, everyone expects a mom to take care of the child mainly. Child Care Management is not an easy task but if managed properly, there is no such job in life to get the utmost satisfaction.

Most of the moms are expected to cook, feed, wash & do all household work, and due to all these factors, many moms are unable to get rest which they need to recover fully after giving birth to a child.

Above all, after carrying out all the responsibility, they do not get an appreciation for that, but, if something goes wrong there will be many fingers to point out.

Like me, I am very much sure you might have thought about your mother. Now, you can feel her every such feeling that she would have undergone and there was no one to understand them. It is too late to make everything right but yes, what I did, you can do too. You will feel very happy. Say thanks to your mom and talk about this topic. Discuss with her and appreciate her that she could deal with the situation so well.

\"newThough it is easier said than done it always works and creates a positive thought process and energy to look after a kid.

\”Never look for appreciation or sympathy from others for looking after your kid. You are doing great. Remember that .\”

Let us\"Baby create a beautiful world of moms where we can appreciate each other, show empathy and respect each and everyone’s opinion. You might be thinking \”how\”. It is very simple. Just talk to your relatives, friends who are pregnant or have delivered recently. Trust me it will create awareness about how to deal with PPD 

There are several factors that can affect depression in a positive or negative way. Few of the direct factors are :

  1. Spouse
  2. Family

Let us discuss one by one !!!

Mommy, make sure  your HUSBAND is reading this paragraph :

  • Moms with postpartum depression need help and support from their partners, friends and family members. They need to let go off the idea that they are the only ones who should look after the baby.
  • Gentlemen it is time to stand with and be a support to your wife who has been bearing all the pain just for your happiness and for the entire family.
  • A request to encourage her, be with her in your free time and make her comfortable with your love and care.
  • And also a request to every such gentleman who thinks it is only mom\’s responsibility to look after a child, to pay more attention to the needs of the kids and the house, without your wife’s constant reminder.
  • Criticism at this time might cause severe depression. The most important fact is that the habit of criticism is hazardous to any relationship. So, appreciate or help and be kind.

A Note to the New mom\’s family

\”Dear family members of each momster, please make sure that you are creating a positive atmosphere for her to be at peace and happily look after her kid.\”

Yes, family plays a crucial role in dealing with Postpartum Depression. For example, if anyone visits to see the newborn and the new mom, they can make sure that they are not spending more time with them as they both need time to take rest and more than that the superstitious suggestions which come for free from them.. !!

I hope, the article would have given some sigh of relief to you !!

Now, a few more points are very important and need to be known. We are talking about New Mom\’s depression but do you know the new father also undergoes depression? Yes, it is true.. !! Let\’s see how?

Post-partum Depression in Men:

The first few months following the birth can be exhausting and emotionally very confusing for both parents and can put a lot of stress on their relationship.

Postpartum depression in men different from women, because women have to do deal with the fluctuation of hormones.

Men just develop a form of situational depression. They generally find a big change and struggles to cope with his new life roles and responsibility in which he has no prior experience.\"Father

The man could develop depression because of the stress and changes that accompany new parenthood. In the case of men, therapy is a better approach than medication. In the case of female postpartum depression, if the hormones play a major role in depression then medication is recommended.

Last but not least … a kid is raised comfortably when both, husband and wife, try to help and understand each other.  !!


A small note to husband and wife  : 

“Sometimes a man can’t empathize with his wife who is suffering from depression after childbirth. Sometimes a woman can’t empathize with her husband who feels pressure every day because of work or new parenthood duties.  The only solution is \”Try to understand each other\’s situation and keep building a  loving and caring environment for the kid\”

Remember, your kid will learn from what you do not from what you say.

So, I hope you all might have got some idea about PPD.  Stay tuned.. !! Our next articles will cover Symptoms and solutions and Child Care Management topics.

Have a great day !! 🙂


A Mom by choice.


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